Tournament of Champions Qualifiers
Last Updated: 01/14/18

The members listed below have qualified for the 2018 Tournament of Champions (TOC), which is at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa on Sunday, October 7th. 

To qualify for the Tournament of Champions, one of these conditions must be met:

1) Finish in 1st in any RPGC event.

2) Participate in a winning team competition (MGA City Title and/or SCGA Division Title) at a ratio of 50% match participation and 50% success (combination of individual and team points).  Captains of MGA/SCGA winnings teams qualify regardless of individual percentages.

3) Finish within 30 points from the top of the GOTY leaderboard by the time the TOC takes place.

If there is room, players not qualified can sign up to play - but will not be eligible for scrip or GOTY year points.  They can still play in the skins game, get a free lunch, and participate in the raffle.

Scott Pregerson 2017 Tournament of Champions
Jim Gisondo 2017 Tournament of Champions
Brendan Harty 2017 Tournament of Champions
Fidel Campos 2017 Tournament of Champions
Anton Reut 2017 Tournament of Champions
Gonzo Paigen 2017 Tournament of Champions
Todd Wade Rancho 11/9
Stephen Lewis Rancho 11/9
Tristan Crown Rancho 11/9
Mark Coronella Rancho 11/9
Patrick Hanley Rancho 11/18
Phil Syrett Rancho 11/18
Jimmie Shaw Rancho 11/18
Travis Andressen Rancho 11/18
Nathan Fox Rancho 12/7
Jim Gisondo Rancho 12/7
Philip Syrett Rancho 12/7
Ken Morrisey Rancho 12/7
Sean Conner Wilson 12/14
Kyle Moss Wilson 12/14
Eric Jacobsen Wilson 12/14
Robert Shapiro Wilson 12/14
Malcolm Bersohn Rancho 1/4
John Given Rancho 1/4
Fidel Campos Rancho 1/4
Jim Blank Rancho 1/4
Colby Wilson Rancho 1/14
Steven Wieber Rancho 1/14
Dave Winik Rancho 1/14
Mark Coronella Rancho 1/14
Wil LaFayette Rancho 1/14
Robert McAusland Rancho 1/14

For any questions, please contact Thor Tandberg.