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Club Index is derived from using a player's lowest three differentials from his last six RPGC tournament scores within the last 12 months.  For example, if a player's last six RPGC differentials were

7.5, 7.5

We would keep 7.5, 7.5 and 9.2 and throw out the 11.7, 10.2. and 11.1. 

We then add these three differentials together, divide by three and multiply by .96 (USGA formula, not ours, look it up at Google).
When the math is done, it reveals that this player's Club Index is 7.7.  

Here's the formula for any nerds out there:

(7.5+7.5+9.2)/3*0.96 = 7.7

In the event that a player doesn't have six posted rounds of which to derive a Club Index from, we then use the following method:
  • 1, 2 or 3 RPGC rounds played:  Lowest differential will determine your Club Index
  • 4 or 5 RPGC rounds played:  Lowest two differentials will determine your Club Index
  • No record of any rounds played in SCGA file:  You will play as a zero.
  • Have a valid index but playing in your first RPGC event:  Play at 50% your handicap.
  • If you don't have any RPGC tournaments in the last year, you will play as a zero (or 1/2 of your index if you have one with the SCGA).
Why do we use the Club Index for our tournaments?  Well, if a player is shooting in mid 90s outside of RPGC tournaments, but in the low 80s within club events, we basically ignore those outside scores.  Scores within the club are what matter to us - since we're trying to protect the field.  Additionally, by handicapping the field prior to each tournament, we stay more up to date than the bimonthly SCGA updates.  Indexes can (and do) go down fast - much faster than the SCGA can catch up.  That's when we take over.

Since calculating the Club Index involves a lot of manual labor, every now and then we may have an accounting error - and this is why we publish the adjusted indexes prior to each tournament.  If you think there's been a mistake, by all means please email us with your questions.

If you've been a member of another club, you may have noticed that the same three guys seem to be winning every tournament - but their indexes never go down.  That's not going to happen at Rancho - we are much more proactive than other Handicap Committees.  What other club adjusts a  dozen players each tournament, right?  While there are bound to be questionable scores in the future, remember that all players are on our radar and we'll continue to do our best.


Please contact Thor Tandberg with any questions.

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